Fiscal Year 2018-19 Budget

Development of a balanced budget is a fundamental responsibility of local government governing bodies; North Carolina General Statutes govern the requirements of the budget development process.

The board of commissioners and town staff worked diligently to establish goals and priorities which started at our retreat in January. Those priorities are supported through the budget. In Davidson, the town manager is the budget officer for the town. His responsibility is to prepare and present the board of commissioners with a proposed budget each year. He works closely with staff to project revenues and expenditures for the upcoming fiscal year.

Below is a schedule of activities for the approval of the July 1, 2018 – June 30, 2019 fiscal year budget:

April 24: The recommended budget is presented for board review

May 1: Budget discussion at board meeting

May 8: Public hearing on the budget at board meeting (Due to the primary election, the Davidson Board of commissioners will meet at Davidson United Methodist Church located at 233 South Main Street)

May 22: Budget discussion at board meeting

June 12: Regular meeting: budget ordinance will be considered for approval by the board

Information regarding budget items to be discussed at the above meetings will be found attached to the published agendas here: and all documents will be published on this webpage.

All citizens are encouraged to participate in the budget process, and especially to attend the May 8 public hearing.

Benchmark Communities Data

As part of the budget review process, the Davidson Board of Commissioners asked staff to provide data comparisons and key performance indicators from several benchmark communities.

Revenue by benchmark community

Expenditures by benchmark community

Debt and Fund Balance by benchmark community

Financial Condition Analysis by benchmark community

Property Tax Exemptions by benchmark community

Full Time Employees by benchmark community

Important Documents

From April 24 agenda:

FY 2019 Budget Presentation

FY 2019 Proposed Budget Booklet

FY 2019 Budget Needs List Items

FY 2019 Budget- General Fund Revenue

FY 2019 Budget- General Fund Expenses

FY 2019 Budget- Power Bill Expense

FY 2019 Budget- Stormwater Expense

FY 2019 Budget- Affordable Housing Expense

From May 8 agenda:

FY 2019 Budget Presentation