North-South Parkway Sub-Area Plan

Project Overview

Northern Mecklenburg County and southern Iredell County is one of the fastest growing areas in North Carolina. In addition to rapid population growth, the area has limited north-south roadways to accommodate increased traffic. In 2010, the Urban Land Institute completed a study that identified the need for north-south connectivity and recommended a new facility, the North-South Parkway. The North-South Parkway would complement existing NC 115 through the area and offer additional access for developments.

Local jurisdictions, including Huntersville, Davidson, Mooresville, and Iredell County have added segments of a North-South Parkway to their jurisdiction’s plans.  In 2018, local jurisdictions, including the Towns of Huntersville, Davidson, Mooresville, Cornelius, and Iredell County agreed that a comprehensive effort must be undertaken to link their efforts together in a cohesive manner. The North-South Parkway Sub Area Study will provide the local jurisdictions with a cohesive plan for a new North-South transportation corridor to support population growth.

Identification and refinement of the proposed North-South Parkway is necessary for the communities within the area. The North-South Parkway Sub-Area Study will better position facilities for funding and construction through the development process. 

North-South Parkway Sub-Area Plan (Link to Document)