Arborist Updates

May 7, 2021

This past week Davidson received its 11 year award TreeCityUSA 11 yearsas a Tree City USA! This represents a continuing high level commitment by the Davidson community to tree canopy stewardship. Each year applications must be submitted for review through the state partners at North Carolina Urban and Community Forestry. Among other criteria, Davidson has to demonstrate that it celebrates Arbor Day, provides tree education to residents, and have both budget dollars and staff dedicated to the tree canopy.

Thanks to everyone who helps out with this effort, including elected officials, town staff, committee members and many volunteers. A special thank you is due to Trees Davidson for putting tree planting efforts at the forefront. Great job all around on this recognition from the Arbor Day Foundation!

News Of Davidson, May 6, 2021

Friday, April 30 was National Arbor Day and members of the Pines Nature Organization (PNO) gathered outside for the first time since the pandemic to plant a tree to honor those residents who were lost during this past year. The event was organized by PNO President, George Gabel, and Eric and Ginger Johnson, co-chairs of the Arbor Day committee who decided they wanted to commemorate Arbor Day and memorialize the friends that they lost during the pandemic. Inspired by a newly planted tree they saw out at Abersham Park, George and Eric drove three hours to a nursery in Fuquay-Varina so they could pick up the tree they wanted, a Sequoia sempervirens (aka California Redwood).  After approaching the staff at the Pines, they got the go ahead for the event and borrowed a pickup truck from TreesDavidson so they could make their road trip to the Panther Creek Nursery to pick up their tree.Pines Arbor Day planting

The tree was planted on April 30 near the gazebo on Azalea Court. Town Arborist, Pete Griswold, was invited to talk about the special tree and share some thoughts about Arbor Day. Rev. Robert Alexander shared a prayer with the group in memory of those lost and Assistant Director of Plant Services for The Pines, Stuart McEachern, made sure the tree was planted properly. Also joining the group was the new President/CEO of The Pines, Vernon Baker, who happens to be a fellow tree lover.

Next time you’re out at The Pines be sure to pay a visit to this newest addition and remember all those past and present who helped make our world a better place.

March 20, 2021March 20 Arbor Day tree planting

We celebrated Arbor Day with a tree planting event at Abersham Park here in Davidson, NC. Together with Trees Davidson, our local non-profit partner, we were able to coordinate over 45 volunteers to plant 60 trees! We planted a wide variety of mostly native species to improve biodiversity, provide for wildlife, and contribute to the beauty and health of our tree canopy.

Thanks to everyone who participated, and for those who would like to participate next time, please consider contacting or contributing to Trees Davidson! More info here:

March 5, 20212021 03 04 update photo

This week, Davidson arborist Pete Grisewood checked up on a tree along Jetton Street that is being preserved as part of a new home build. This ~42” willow oak tree is located partly in the public right of way and is protected from removal by Davidson's tree ordinance. As part of the approved building permit, the property owners have agreed to care for the tree during construction under the recommendations of a local certified arborist tree care company. So far, some lower branches have been carefully pruned to accommodate the house, and some roots have been pruned where the driveway will go. The tree will be fenced around to protect the root system and will receive a few treatments this year for health. A great example of the tree ordinance and town arborist at work actively saving trees!