HAWKS Signals

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Project description: The project is the installation of Pedestrian Hybrid Beacons or HAWK signals at the Griffith Street roundabouts. HAWK signals consist of a traffic light installed on a mast arm above the vehicle travels lane(s) at a crosswalk. When a pedestrian operates the WALK button, the traffic light operates similar to a normal traffic light signal, displaying a red STOP indication. After a timed crossing period, the light goes dark again. There is no green light on this type of signal, only yellow and red. Before and after studies have shown HAWK signals to be very effective for reducing pedestrian delays and accidents.

Project status: Bids were received on September 13, 2021. There is a long lead time for equipment which stretches the contract completion date to November 2022. The project has been delayed 30-45 days on Griffith St. with an underground utility move at the Davidson Gateway Dr. roundabout. The East Rock River greenway crossing signal was bid out and is under contract with Traffic Control Devices, LLC. Bases have been poured at the eastern crosswalk, near Davidson Day School and Milkbread.

Page updated: 11/02/2022

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Project Info

  • Project name: Griffith Street roundabouts pedestrian hybrid beacons (HAWK)
  • Cost: $665,000
  • Funding source: General Obligation Bonds issuance
  • Funding status: Approved in the Capital Improvements Plan