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Due to the current COVID19 public health emergency, all advisory board meetings (i.e. Planning Board, Board of Adjustment, Design Review Board, and Historic Preservation Commission) are being held virtually. A live video of the meeting will be available for general public viewing.  


Welcome to the Planning Department homepage. By clicking on the tabs at the top of this page you can find updates about the work underway, how to contact us, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. On the left side of this page is a list of relevant and major topics related to the department’s work. This includes the tools needed to:  File a building permit (Submit a Permit); research a parcel or project (Maps & GIS, Planning Ordinance, Development Projects); or, understand our town’s approach to planning and development (Planning Principles).

Davidson’s traditional character is that of a small town, so land planning will reflect its historic patterns of village-centered growth, with connection of neighborhoods, preservation of rural areas, and provision of public spaces. Our quality of life is enhanced through the Town’s Planning Principles, the Davidson Planning Ordinance, and by assessing town needs through plans, reports, and studies.

Planning Department Updates

April 2021

Below you’ll find a list and short description of things that we’re working on, along with how to find additional information about each topic. We hope you find this information useful. If you want to follow up with us about any questions you may have, please do so – our contact information is available on our department’s homepage. Check back from time to time for updates.

- Town of Davidson Planning Department

1. Historic Preservation Plan:  In January 2021 the town hired Heritage Strategies, LLC to develop a town-wide historic preservation plan. The historic preservation plan will serve as a guide for proactive preservation decision-making over the next 10-15 years, synthesizing the town’s existing preservation efforts with the desires expressed by the community during the planning process. Next steps include a consultant visit to the town from April 12-14 as well as a number of virtual opportunities to provide input in the coming months, including:

  • Survey:  A survey – launched on Friday, 4/9 – to solicit feedback related to historic preservation in town. The survey will be open for 6 weeks and is available here.
    • Workshops:  Interactive forums to offer further thoughts on topics that arise through survey results and field work by the consultants. 

Updates will be posted to the Historic Preservation Plan webpage at:

2. 251 South St. (New Town Hall):  On February 9, 2021 the Town of Davidson held a groundbreaking ceremony at 251 South St., part of $14 million dollar project in support of public facilities for public safety, town staff and programming, and community use. The first phase, done in a way to preserve the historic character of the building, will create a new town center where approximately half of the building is available for community gathering space. Town of Davidson offices will also occupy the building, providing for the growing needs of the town’s administrative functions. For more information, please see the project website.

3. Transportation:

  • Mobility Plan Recommendations/Text Amendments:  Planning Staff presented an annual priority project review required by the Mobility Plan to the Board of Commissioners on January 26th.  Priority projects are required to be reviewed and endorsed by the Planning and Livability Boards annually and presented to the Commissioners for consideration for inclusion in the Capital Improvement Plan.  This year Mobility Plan Implementation goals were also discussed.  To view the BOC presentation, please select this link.
  • Potts-Sloan-Beaty Connector:  The Town of Davidson received approximately $1.8 million in Bonus Allocation funds for an identified funding shortfall on the Potts-Sloan-Beaty Connector.  These funds were available due to the managed lane project on the I-485 project in southern Mecklenburg County.  The funds do not require a local match. For more information, please see the project website.

4. Text Amendments:

  • N.C.G.S. 160D Land Use Law Updates:  In 2019, the North Carolina General Assembly adopted a complete reorganization of the state’s planning and development regulations creating a new statute chapter “160D.”  The purpose of the new Chapter 160D is to consolidate county and city regulations into one unified chapter and to reorganize development regulation statutes into a more logical, coherent structure. All towns in the state have until July 1, 2021 to make the necessary changes to their planning ordinances. These changes can be broadly categorized as technical and non-substantive. Staff is currently working to develop text associated with each of the following categories to bring the Davidson Planning Ordinance into alignment with N.C.G.S. 160D: Terminology and citations, geographic jurisdictions, governing boards, land use administration, substance of zoning and other ordinances, legislative decisions, quasi-judicial decisions, administrative approvals, determinations, vested rights, and judicial review. 

5. Development Proposals:  

  • Boulder Rock Loop Master Plan:  A master plan application was submitted and proposes to place 11 single-family detached houses along 4 duplex units on an approximately 5.50-acre parcel located on Davidson-Concord Road adjacent to the Davidson Park Place Development. A Public Input Session was held Thursday, March 16, 2021 from 5:00-6:30 P.M. virtually, and a summary of the meeting is available online. Additionally, the Planning Board will review the proposal and provided comments at a future meeting. For more information, please see the project website.
  • East Rocky River Master Plan:  A master plan application was submitted and proposes six single-family detached homes at 15016 East Rocky River Rd., adjacent to the Summit River Run townhomes project currently under construction. The parcel lies in the Rural Planning Area, intends to provide 70% open space on-site or adjacent to the site, and includes a greenway and trails connecting to adjacent properties. For more information, please see the project website.
  • Hoke Master Plan:  In January 2020 the Town of Davidson approved the proposed master plan for 81 townhome units, including eight affordable units, on the former Hoke Lumber site. On March 8, 2021 the Board of Adjustment – a quasi-judicial sub-set of the Town of Davidson Planning Board – approved the request for a Minor Variance of allowing 51.7% built-upon-area for the Hoke Master Plan project with the following conditions:
    • Stormwater created from additional impervious area be treated to the greatest extent the site will allow.
    • All eight affordable units as well as all other elements shown are constructed per approved master plan.

      Currently, the project is finalizing its master plan with Mecklenburg County and the details of its affordable housing plan with the Town              of Davidson. Beyond these activities the project will pursue approval of its construction documents in the summer. For more                        information, please see the project website.

  • Davidson Cottages Conditional Master Plan:  On March 31, 2021 the Board of Adjustment approved the applicant request to utilize the Built-Upon Area Averaging (BUAA) process outlined in Davidson Planning Ordinance 17.8 in order to construct the Conditional Master Plan approved by the Davidson Board of Commissioners on October 26, 2020. The BUAA process required the preservation of land and open space improvements on 956 Shearer St., transferring the built-upon area from this parcel to 209 Davidson Gateway Dr. – the Davidson Cottages site. The Davidson Cottages Conditional Master Plan proposes to build a residential community of 30 single-family homes and two duplexes (totaling 34 units, including four affordable units), along with public open space including a park, seating areas, and walking paths. For more information, please see the project website.
  • Davidson Bay Phase 2:  Site work is currently underway at Davidson Bay Phase 2 Envelopes A, B, and C, located at the corner of Beaty and Armour Streets. Envelopes A, B, and C will include 46 townhomes, 2 quadplex buildings (8 units), and approximately 20,000 square feet of commercial/office space. For more information, please see the project website
  • Davidson United Methodist Church Addition:  The Planning Department recently received an application for an approximate 7,600 square foot addition to the Davidson United Methodist Church located at 233 S. Main Street.  The addition space will be used for the music ministry along with additional classroom and gathering space. The parcel lies in the Village Infill Planning Area. Town staff along with Mecklenburg County are currently reviewing the application. For more information, please see the project website.
  • Potts Street Residential Master Plan:  Beginning in early February and concluding in mid-March, the Board of Adjustment – a quasi-judicial sub-set of the Town of Davidson Planning Board – heard the applicant’s appeal (Crescent Communities) of the planning director’s denial of the Potts Street Residential Master Plan. The BOA approved the applicant’s appeal with a number of conditions attached to the approval. In short, these conditions require that the applicant comply with the town’s review comments specific to Building G setbacks, multi-use path grade, unit entrances, phasing, and public input session report in the preliminary plat phase. Additionally, the applicant must secure water/sewer approval from the town or court of law as well as provide a second vehicular access to the development from a street other than Potts Street. This decision is subject to a potential appeal to superior court.