2012 Station Area Plan Update


The Station Area Plan Update is a small area plan initiative to address the impact and opportunities of those sites most likely affected by the Red Line Rail Project and growth in the Village Center. The plan will build on our previous planning efforts, including the Davidson Comprehensive Plan (2010) and the Station Area Plan (2005).

The planning process engages land owners, developers, transit officials, and residents to identify best practices for land use development, infrastructure improvements, and environmental protection within the plan boundaries.

The Davidson Board of Commissioners is the approving body for the 2012 Station Area Plan Update, including policy recommendations for land use, street and open space improvements and ordinance revisions.


  • Prepare for Red Line Regional Rail Project Financing Plan and Joint Powers Agreement discussions
  • Prepare for redevelopment in downtown/transit area per recommendation of Comprehensive Plan
  • Identify best land uses per key redevelopment sites in downtown/transit area
  • Identify ordinance amendments necessary to support redevelopment in downtown/transit area
  • Identify indirect infrastructure needs within transit downtown/transit area

Draft Station Area Plan

Latest Update

  • The Planning Board recommended approval of the Station Area Plan at the October 29, 2012 meeting.
  • The Board of Commissioners have not approved the Station Area Plan.