Nonprofit Funding


Guidelines for Nonprofit Agency Funding
Town of Davidson
Fiscal Year 2021-2022

The Town of Davidson, on an annual basis, funds nonprofit agencies which provide needed services to Davidson residents. To be efficient and fair, the town uses the following process and general guidelines:


  • Using the online application, apply for nonprofit agency funding by Friday, September 10, 2021. 
  • Complete the application and upload all the required materials.
  • Agencies will be notified regarding funding once it has been approved by the Davidson Board of Commissioners.
  • Any agency receiving funding is required to report how the funds were dispersed. For the FY 2021-22, the deadline for making this report is June 30, 2022.

Program Grant Guidelines:    

  • Nonprofit agencies must serve the Davidson community and meet a public purpose that the town government does not directly provide, but could if facilities and staffing were available. The nonprofit agency must be experienced in delivering that service.
  • Nonprofit agencies must have 501(c) 3 status, a volunteer board of directors, and must provide to the town appropriate accounting measures, in compliance with the Local Government Budget and Fiscal Control Act, to ensure accountability.
  • Only those organizations exempt from federal income tax under Section 501(c)(3) of Title 26 of the U.S.C. established within one year prior to any application are eligible for operational funding; written evidence of 501(c)(3) establishment date is a requirement of application. Organizations past one year of establishing a 501(c)(3) status are not eligible for operational funding
  • The number of agencies funded can change each year, and there is no limit on the number of agencies that can qualify and apply. 

Questions should be directed to Parks and Recreation Operations Manager Gina Carmon at (704)940-9644 or