This RequestTracker tool enables you to communicate with the Town of Davidson to report concerns, ask questions, or even deliver praise. To begin, please create a login and password (or enter your existing one, if you have used this tool previously), so that we can provide status updates as we handle your request.
Appeal parking ticket 1 Forms
Cable TV, phone and internet service 1 Forms
Code Enforcement 1 Forms
Compliments 1 Forms
Dangerous or loose animals 1 Forms
Dead animal removal 1 Forms
Excessive noise 1 Forms
Fair housing 1 Forms
Flooding, erosion or drainage problems 1 Forms
Garage and yard sale signs (posted off-premises) 1 Forms
Garbage/Recycling/Yard Waste Pick-Up 1 Forms
General Complaint or Request 1 Forms
Graffiti 1 Forms
Hazardous spills or dumping into storm drains 1 Forms
Incorrect or out-of-date information on town's website 1 Forms
Junk vehicles or trash on private property 1 Forms
Landlord/tenant disputes 1 Forms
Minimum housing standards 1 Forms
Noise permits 1 Forms
Obstruction in public right-of-way 1 Forms
Park conditions 1 Forms
Parking violations on residential property 1 Forms
Pedestrian safety 1 Forms
Personnel Compliment 1 Forms
Public Works 5 Forms
Report crime (If emergency, call 911) 1 Forms
Report fire hazard (If emergency, call 911) 1 Forms
Sidewalks 1 Forms
Sign/banner regulation 1 Forms
Street Lights (please report to Duke Energy) 1 Forms
Street signs knocked down/missing 1 Forms
Streets 1 Forms
Traffic safety concerns, incl. speeding 1 Forms
Tree concerns 1 Forms
Weeds and overgrown vegetation 1 Forms