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Map Amendments

A Map Amendment is the official process by which a property's Planning Area designation is changed. In other communities, this term is referred to as a "rezoning." Since the Town of Davidson utilizes a form-based code, which emphasizes a building's orientation on its lot and its architecture in addition to its use, the Town uses the comprehensive term "Planning Areas" in place of the strictly use-based term "zoning" to refer to a property's land use designation. These Planning Areas are illustrated in the Davidson Planning Ordinance's Planning Areas Map; therefore, changes to the map are referred to as Map Amendments. See the corresponding tab above for information on current Map Amendments proposed. 

Text Amendments 

 A Text Amendment is the official process by which the language of the Davidson Planning Ordinance (DPO) is changed. The DPO includes the guidance, rules, and regulations governing planning and development within town limits, as well as the town's extra-territorial jurisdiction - areas outside the town limits but within Davidson's planning jurisdiction that are subject to the standards. The standards represent legally-enforceable measures to implement adopted plans and manage development projects. Proposed changes generally encompass: Clarifying existing standards; outlining new criteria and/or instituting best practices; correcting errors and/or inadvertent omissions; and, aligning the ordinance with state statutes. The DPO is a living document updated consistently; it reflects years of collective experiences and incorporates this knowledge along with best practices to ensure a high quality of life for citizens.

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