Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety

"Because we pride ourselves in being a walkable and bikeable community, we need our community members to feel safe on our roads and sidewalks, and pedestrian safety is of utmost importance.”  - Mayor Rusty Knox

Vehicles are required to stop for pedestrians in the crosswalk according to NC state law.

In an effort to protect our pedestrians, we have installed a variety of safety measures in town:
  1. Pedestrian Crosswalk Flags
  2. Crosswalk Safety
  3. Bicycle Lock Safety Tips

After students from the Community School of Davidson created and tested the crossing flag concept at several intersections in town, Davidson’s Board of Commissioners decided to expand flag usage to promote the safety of our citizens. Citizens are encouraged to wave an orange flag when at the edge of the crosswalk, to make eye contact with any vehicles, and then proceed across the street. The flag can then be placed in the receptacle for another pedestrian to use. The flags have reflective tape which increases visibility at night. 

 We appreciate our crosswalk sponsors who help replace missing and damaged flags and ensure flags are evenly distributed between receptacles.

Intersections with flags:
Beaty Street and Delburg Street
Griffith Street and Watson Street
Main Street and Jackson Street/Glasgow Street
Concord Road and Faculty Drive
Davidson-Concord Road and Robert Walker Drive
Concord Road at Davidson College Presbyterian Church
Concord Road at the Preyer Building
Concord Road at Baker Drive/Woodland Street (west)
Concord Road at Baker Drive/Woodland Street (east)
Concord Road at St. Alban's Lane (already sponsored)
South Main Street at Walnut Street
Helen Benson and Summers Walk Boulevard (Summers Walk)

Please contact Davidson Town Hall at 704-892-7591 with any questions.