Reverse-Angle Parking

As part of a larger effort to promote safety and provide more parking spaces within town limits, the Town of Davidson is creating 20 reverse-angle parking spaces in front of the Linden apartments on Jetton Street (between the Exxon Station and Gethsemane Baptist Church).

Towns within Mecklenburg County and across the nation have had great success in implementing reverse-angle parking spaces. These spaces help improve driver visibility and calm traffic. This type of parking also protects car riders as they exit and enter the car, and as they load and unload items into the trunk.  

Reverse angle parking spaces can be best utilized by following three steps:

  1. Signal your intention to park
  2. Pull forward, then stop beyond the space
  3. Back in

When backing into a space, it is highly recommended that drivers use their side mirrors. Following these recommendations (illustrated below) will ensure the safety of all Davidson citizens.

Reverse-Angle Parking