Charlotte Cell Tower in Davidson


In order to provide greater public safety transmission coverage and alleviate poor radio reception, the City of Charlotte will be constructing a telecommunications tower at the corner of Shearer Road and Maple Way Drive.  This is land owned by the City of Charlotte.  The site will provide radio frequency coverage for public safety agencies utilizing the system as they perform their duties within the Town of Davidson and throughout Mecklenburg County.

Communications technology has improved drastically over the years, but radio "dead zones" in the eastern portion of our jurisdiction have been a concern for years," said Davidson Fire Chief Bo Fitzgerald. "Firefighters rely on their radios to communicate not only with other firefighters working around them, but also with those directing their efforts from the outside, and the police department. The new tower will greatly enhance radio communications for the Davidson response district, and in doing so, will make operations safer for both first responders and citizens.


This project is slated to begin in late summer 2018.


Map of existing gaps in coverage

This map shows large areas shaded in white which indicate little or no RF coverage in the Davidson area.

Proposed coverage improvements

This map shows coverage with the new Charlotte tower in place.