The Davidson Police Department's administration serves many purposes such as support for police officers, overall operations, and police reports.  Other areas of administrative responsibility include the Police Records and Accreditation Unit, community services, criminal investigations, code enforcement, crossing guards, school resource officers, and recruiting/hiring of staff.

Additional tasks are currently shared by other divisions while the police department continues to grow.  These may include equipment management, vehicle maintenance, special events command, scheduling, payroll, media relations, policy development, CALEA accreditation, and network and software management.  There is a lot of work being done to support our front-line officers as they pursue the primary goal of public safety.

The Administration/Investigation Operations Division currently includes the following staff:

  • Chief of Police- Kimber "Kim" Davidson
  • Administration/Investigations Captain- Anthony Sosnowski
  • Code enforcement- Blake Jordan (part-time)
  • Code enforcement- Tony Evans
  • Community Engagement Officer- Mike Prather
  • Criminal investigations- Detective P. Geiger
  • Crossing guard- Davidson K-8 School- Ernestine Overton (part-time)
  • Patrol Operations Captain- Jay Stokes
  • Records/accreditation manager- Lorena Arce
  • Records/administration assistant- Angela Ranson
  • School resource officer at Davidson K-8 School- Officer Scott Russell
  • School resource officer at Community School of Davidson- Officer Rachel Thornton