Criminal Investigations

The Criminal Investigations Unit responds to assist patrol whenever needed and conducts follow-up investigations of major offenses. Department detectives hold the rank of Corporal and have years of experience and training prior to becoming a detective.

Detectives' training continues once transferred to criminal investigations as this specialized field covers various duties beyond patrol activities.  A few examples of additional training for detectives includes: Interview techniques when dealing with victims, witnesses, and suspects; investigative techniques used for crimes involving people, property, and narcotics; case report preparation for complex investigations; critical thinking skills; surveillance techniques; and the development of research and data collection expertise. 

No community is immune from crime, and being proactive is better than being reactive.  The Davidson Police Department strives to be a proactive law enforcement agency and relies upon residents to help us be successful in preventing crime and catching offenders.  Proactive residents can prevent many crimes by locking doors, securing valuables, and being aware of their surroundings.  Call the police if you see suspicious behavior, and report crime when it occurs.  You may be part of solving a crime in our community and can help detectives build a case for our state prosecutor.  Officers and detectives cover the town limits and extra-territorial jurisdiction (ETJ) of the Town of Davidson. Calls for service and investigations of criminal offenses are wide-ranging.

Crimes against individuals covers a comprehensive list of offenses from murder to assault and includes sexual offenses.  Property crimes include larceny, computer crimes, fraud, forgery, child pornography, damage to property, etc.  Further specialization develops in the property crimes investigations and often spills over into crimes against individuals due to the popular use of technology.  Forensic evaluation of computers, tablets, phones or any other electronic device is valuable in identifying offenders and building evidence in a case.