The Patrol Division is universally considered the backbone of any police department. These are the first line officers and supervisors who  respond to calls for service. These are the officers working 24/7, 365 days a year to keep the town safe. While most residents sleep, the officers on night shift stand guard and are watchful, patrolling the town streets on foot and in their vehicles. The officers on day shift stand watch during the daylight, ready to assist whenever and wherever they are needed.

Being a patrol officer is the first job any police officer has in the department. This is where the basics are honed into expertise and begin to shape the officer into a public servant. The department patrol shifts are composed of one sergeant, one corporal, and three officers when at full staff. The department generally operates with 2-3 vacancies. The officers and supervisors in patrol work 12-hour shifts and rotate every 28 days from days to nights and back again.