Lake Forest Davidson Conditional Planning Area (Storyhill Church)

Project Status

An application for a conditional planning area map amendment was submitted on 10/1/19. The Lake Forest Church Conditional Planning Area was approved by the Board of Commissioners at their September 22, 2020 meeting. 

Lake Forest Church Davidson has since been renamed Storyhill Church.

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Site Info

  • Planning Areas: Village Edge & Village Infill
  • Project Address: 480 & 496 S. Main Street
  • Parcel IDs: 00324111, 00324107, & 00324170
  • Acres: +/-4.11
  • Development Description: The applicant proposes a conditional planning area map amendment to allow for a 3-story commercial building fronting South Main Street (20,000-30,000 square feet) and a 2-story church facility (minimum 20,000 square feet) toward the rear of the property. The proposed plan also preserves the existing single-family home located at 496 South Main Street for church offices. 
  • Property Owners: 
    • (480 S Main St) Rebecca McIntosh
    • (496 S Main St) Julius Jennings Wade & Cary Page Wade