Davidson Mobility Plan

Davidson Mobility Plan
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The Davidson Mobility Plan: Our Comprehensive Transportation Plan

In August 2019, the Board of Commissioners adopted the Davidson Mobility Plan. The Mobility Plan is a local comprehensive transportation plan (CTP) that provides a town-wide vision for projects, policies, and programs to manage congestion and improve multimodal travel within and through town. This plan addresses the challenge before Davidson of maintaining its quality of life while dealing with the growth pressures of the region. The vision of the Mobility Plan is to provide a balance and connected network of comfortable facilities for pedestrians, cyclists, transit riders, and drivers.

To achieve the plan's vision, the document includes recommendations for policies, programs, and projects to encourage Davidsonians to think differently about mobility. This plan formed from extensive public engagement, feedback, and analysis over an 18-month process.

Davidson will provide a balanced and connected network of comfortable facilities for pedestrian, cyclists, transit rider, and drivers; where mobility options are efficient, safe, and convenient; and where Complete Street design is prioritized in all roadway and development projects.