N.Main-Beaty-Ridge Intersection Improvements


Project description: This project will normalize the offset intersection that currently exists at this location, enhancing safety and crossing opportunities for pedestrians. Converting to a signalized intersection will decrease delay and enhance safety for traffic leaving Ingersoll Rand and traveling north during the afternoon peak hour. This will also create a northern entry way to town and reduce vehicle speeds entering Davidson from the rural 55mph segment of NC-115 to the north. Davidson College will partner with the town and has committed to conveying any necessary ROW as well as construction of the Ridge Road portion of the project to coincide with the intersection improvement.

Project Status: The right-of-way is projected for 2027, with construction in 2029

Page Updated: 07/18/2023

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Project Name: N. Main / Beaty / Ridge Intersection Improvement

Estimated Cost: $3,439,000

Funding Source: 

  • $1,375,600 Town of Davidson
  • $2,063,400 NCDOT

Funding Status: Awarded