Boulder Rock Loop (18647 Davidson-Concord Rd)

Recent Updates

August 2022:  The project continues to make revisions and must complete additional technical reviews by Town of Davidson and Mecklenburg County staff to ensure compliance with the Davidson Planning Ordinance. Assuming the issues are resolved, approval of the master plan could occur in September. 

Project Information

Overview:  On October 2, 2020 the Town of Davidson received a complete Master Plan application. The project is currently under review by Mecklenburg County and Town of Davidson staff. The process will follow Section 14.6 of the Davidson Planning Ordinance. For more information see below and the Timeline/Document tabs.

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Site Info

  • Planning Area: Neighborhood Edge
  • Project Location: 18647 Davidson-Concord Rd
  • Parcel ID: 00716217
  • Acres: + 5.53
  • Project Description:  The proposal includes 12 lots including 10 single-family homes and 4 duplex units as well as internal public spaces and greenway connections. Additionally, the plan proposes extending Boulder Rock Loop to the site and adding a multi-use path segment on Davidson-Concord Road. 
  • Developer: Palillo Holdings, LLC (Jake Palillo)