Sustainability Committee


The Sustainability Committee is a working group comprised of members from the Town of Davidson Livability Board, Planning Board, and key stakeholders. Formed in the fall of 2020, members began meeting in December in order to provide initial direction regarding the town’s sustainability efforts as articulated in the Davidson Comprehensive Plan and the Davidson Board of Commissioners’ Strategic Plan. Specifically, commissioners charged the group with helping to “define the desired outcomes of the town’s sustainability efforts” (Strategic Plan Goal F, Strategy F3).

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The Sustainability Committee has begun to meet monthly, and each member is coordinating with town staff to oversee one of the five priority areas of the recently adopted Sustainability Framework.


  • Nora Barger (Planning Board) - Chair
  • Matt Walt (Livability Board) - Chair
  • Tim Belitz
  • David Howard
  • Steve Justus (Livability Board)
  • Anne Marie Moehring
  • Letha Smith
  • Juliette Sponsel
  • Jenna Vujic