Affordable Homeownership Opportunities

Interested in Affordable Housing?

  • Complete the Application to See if You Qualify for Affordable Housing. (Also available via PDF; please return to Taylor Craven at
    • Please note that completing this application does not guarantee that you will qualify for affordable housing in the Town of Davidson.
    • This application serves to calculate your Area Median Income (AMI), which determines whether or not you meet target household income standards defined in affordable deed restrictions (we'll refer to this as "qualifying"). 
    • Please also note that the affordable housing inventory is very limited. If you do qualify for affordable housing based on your AMI, this does not guarantee that you will have the opportunity to purchase a home in the inventory. 

Available Properties

Davidson Walk: Enjoy living at Davidson Walk, a centrally located community that includes a community park with benches and bike racks creating connectivity within the surrounding neighborhoods.  Located on the corner of Beaty Street and Armour Street, these units are situated amongst 46 newly built townhomes in Davidson Bay. Of the four units constructed, one unit is still available to buyers making at or under 120% of the current Mecklenburg County area median income (AMI).  Four additional units are currently under construction with an anticipated completion winter 2024.  Two of the units under construction are available to buyers making at or under 100% AMI with two additional units available to those making at or under 120% AMI. 

Please contact Debbie Micale, Director of Sales with Hopper Communities for more information: Email:   Cell:980-245-6183


  • Constructed - 1 unit restricted to buyers making at or under 120% AMI
  • Under construction and available for pre-purchase - 2 units restricted to buyers making at or under 100% AMI. 2 units available to buyers making at or under 120%  AMI.

Coming soon

145 Mock Road: This is a town-owned rehabilitation project. Once renovations are complete, the town will sell the home to a buyer making no more than 100% of the current Mecklenburg County area median income. This three-bedroom, 2-bathroom single family home is just over 1200 square feet and will be available by the end of 2023.

Narrow Passage: The developer intends to construct one duplex building with two affordable units. Each unit will range between 1,880 and 2,000 square feet under roof (1,486-1,550 heated square feet), with 2 bedrooms and 1.5 baths. The duplex will complement the neighborhood by incorporating exterior designs that use identical materials as market rate units. Construction of the units will be on Lot 10, which will be subdivided into 2 lots within the neighborhood of Narrow Passage.  These duplex units are expected to be completed by the end of 2024.

Deed Restricted Affordable Housing Inventory

70+ affordable homeownership units are located in the neighborhoods listed below. Unless specified, all units are currently owned and occupied. Homes will become available when individuals decide to sell. Homeowners must notify the town of their intention to sell their affordable unit, and the town will make every effort to pass this information on to the public via updates to this webpage as well as through the town's social media pages.