Non-Discrimination Ordinance

In December 2020, a key section of House Bill 142 expired and North Carolina municipalities now have some authority to enact local inclusive non-discrimination ordinances. Elected officials are now free to pass those ordinances and many jurisdictions are exploring how best to protect their residents.

The Town of Davidson is considering adopting such an ordinance pending feedback from the community and approval from the Davidson Board of Commissioners.

At the May 11, 2021 meeting, the Davidson Board of Commissioners adopted Resolution 2021-08, Dignity and Equality in the Town of Davidson, a firm stance in support of every member of the Davidson community and clearly advocating to treat all people with respect. The resolution is available here.  

In early October 2021, Mecklenburg County adopted a Non-Discrimination Ordinance which provided a new possible framework for resolving violations of a potential ordinance in the Town of Davidson as well. At the town board's direction, staff are currently working on a possible agreement with a partner agency as well as gathering input from business owners, the Housing and Equity Advisory Board, and residents.

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The approved Non-Discrimination Ordinance is available here.