Pedestrian Safety Efforts

BiketoSchool Sandy and walkers

Citizens need to move easily throughout the town and region, so government will provide a variety of options, such as sidewalks, bike paths, greenways, connected streets, and transit. 

"Because we pride ourselves in being a walkable and bikeable community, we need our community members to feel safe on our roads and sidewalks, and pedestrian safety is of utmost importance.”  - Mayor Rusty Knox

  1. Education
  2. Enforcement
  3. Infrastructure

Watch For Me NC

Community members- residents and business owners- all share the responsibility in making sure that North Carolina roads are safe for everyone, including pedestrians and bicyclists.  Safe places to walk and bike are important for supporting active, vibrant communities.  The "Watch for Me NC" program aims to reduce pedestrian and bicycle injuries and deaths through a comprehensive, targeted approach of public education, community engagement, and high visibility law enforcement.  On this site, you can learn more about how to be a safe driver, bicyclist, and pedestrian, and ultimately, reduce the number of people hit or killed by vehicles on NC streets. Click HERE to learn more. 

Watch for Me NC also has several helpful resources:

ICU Campaign

The Town of Davidson launched its ICU campaign in May 2013. This pedestrian safety initiative was designed to educate pedestrians and motorists in an effort to reduce accidents which could result in injury or death. By encouraging pedestrians and drivers on Davidson streets to think “ICU” (I See You), everyone stays safe when traveling around town.