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The Town of Davidson brand reflects a statement of shared beliefs and represents our commitment to controlling our own destiny as a distinct, sustainable, and sovereign small town. Our sense of community is rooted in citizens who respect each other; in racial and socioeconomic diversity; and in pedestrian and bicycle orientation; all in the presence of a small liberal arts college. Our history and character guide our future. For more about Davidson's core values, click here.

Brand Guide

The Communications Department partnered with Haven Creative Agency to create a comprehensive brand book for the Town of Davidson. View the resource here.

Town of Davidson Logo

Each of the Ds comprising the Town of Davidson logo symbolizes a component of the community: downtown, lake town, home town, and college town and how they influence and inform each other. The red and black colors are a nod to Davidson College, with whose history the town is so closely aligned.

The Davidson logo should primarily be used for marketing and promotional materials. When possible, use the logo in full-color. 

The use of any stylized, animated, hand drawn or other versions of an unofficial logo is not permitted. The logo should not appear distorted (stretched or squeezed) or without the full symbol on the left-hand side. Please consult with the Town of Davidson Communications Director (contact information below) if you have questions or need further assistance.

Davidson logo in colorUse: Full-color print or digital projectsDavidson logo redUse: two-color print or digital projects on white backgroundsDavidson logo blackUse: two-color print or digital projects on a white background
Davidson logo whiteUse: two-color print or digital projects on a black background

Brand Colors

Hex 93282cRed Specifications
Rustic Red
For print: Pantone 7622 C
For digital: Hex/HTML 93282C

Hex 212322 (1)Black Specifications
For print: Pantone 419 C
For digital: Hex/HTML 212322

Besides red and black, the town uses a secondary set of colors to create supporting promotional materials like event logos, staff apparel, and more. For a full list of approved colors, please visit the Town of Davidson's Brand Book here.


Fonts are used to visually reinforce the brand story in all official marketing and communications from the Town of Davidson. The primary font for the town is GARAMOND PREMIER PRO. 

The clear, legible and easily accessible font, CENTURY GOTHIC should be used in body copy when the primary font is not available (i.e. Word, Google Doc, etc).

The body fonts are clear, clean design that allow for legibility at almost any size and its wide range of styles give it the stamina to thrive in bodies of text as well as in display settings.


For questions, please contact Communications Assistant Wendy Matthews at wmatthews@townofdavidson.org.