Davidson Condos - Conditional Map Amendment

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The Planning Board formally reviewed the project and offered a recommendation at their July 25 meeting. The board recommended approval of the project contingent upon the parking and built-upon area requirements being met and all conditions except Item 7b. agreed to by the developer. The Board of Commissioners is anticipated to make a decision on the project in early September.

Site Info

  • Planning Area:  Lakeshore
  • Project Location: 589 Portside Dr.
  • Parcel IDs: 00118799 
  • Acres: + 0.88 Acres
  • Project Description:  The proposal includes six residential units in a single building with parking beneath the building. The parcel lies in the Lakeshore Planning Area, which requires a minimum 5% open space on-site and preservation of the lake shoreline for public use. The proposal includes certain provisions that do not meet the Davidson Planning Ordinance, therefore the project will follow the Map Amendment process (i.e., rezoning) and require approval by the Davidson Board of Commissioners.
  • Developer: Jake Palillo