Tree Canopy Enhancement Program

Davidson's Tree Canopy

The Tree Canopy Enhancement Program is an opportunity for for eligible nonprofits to enhance and promote Davidson's tree canopy through a town grant.


All qualified non-profits are invited to apply for the funds to conduct tree canopy-related activities in the community on an annual basis, beginning this year (2022). An “eligible” or “qualified” non-profit is defined as any non-profit that can complete work directly related to the town’s tree canopy. 

Applicants should request a specific grant amount for a project or program and must provide details about how the funding will be used. Nonprofits can apply for a multi-year grant covering up to three years. If a multi-year grant is awarded, year-end reporting conditions must be met in order to receive the following year’s grant. 


After receiving grants, the town arborist (or its designee) will work with the nonprofits to further develop the ideas. Once approved by the arborist, applications will be sent  to the trees and natural assets subcommittee of the town’s livability board for review and, ultimately, to the livability board for approval. The livability board will make recommendations to the town manager to approve any grants. The town manager will execute grant agreements with the nonprofits. 


The town arborist will oversee the projects. There would be project outcome and financial accounting at the end to verify and communicate success. 

Application period, July 22- August 12, 2022. Funding will be awarded by the end of October.