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Enrollment is open!

Food scraps and nonrecyclable paper make up approximately 27% of Davidson’s landfill waste according to the 2011 Mecklenburg County Waste Diversion Study. Food in landfills generates methane, a harmful greenhouse gas that negatively impacts the environment. 

Davidson- you can help offset that, thanks to a partnership between Crown Town Compost and the Town of Davidson! Join the effort to reduce waste, reduce greenhouse gas, and nourish the soil. 

Who can participate?

This pilot program is open to Davidson residents who pre-register and is limited to 250 participants. At this time, non-Davidson residents or commercial interests are not able to participate (contact Crown Town Compost directly for service information). 

How does it work?Sign up to compost Opens in new window

1. Sign up for the FREE 6-month drop off service here and receive a container. The container can be stored where it's convenient for you- on the counter, under the sink, in the refrigerator or freezer.

2. Follow this simple rule: If it grows, it goes! Collect food scraps and other accepted materials in the container you received, a kitchen bin or other convenient container. Containers can be lined with a Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) certified compostable bag, but no lining is really necessary! Collect material directly into your container and/or kitchen bins.

Please, it's critical to use only bags with the BPI logo and not regular plastic shopping bags.

3. Take your full container to a Davidson food waste drop-off site, unlock the cart with the code you received in your registration confirmation, and empty your container.

TIP: Depending on how much you collect and how often you drop-off, consider emptying your kitchen bin as needed into a larger “transportation container” with a secure lid.

4. Crown Town Compost will collect all material in the food waste carts. They will process the waste into compost, some of which will be returned to the Town of Davidson for community projects.

Where are the food waste drop-off sites?

Drop-off sites will open on September 12. Participants will receive additional information in your registration confirmation. 

The five locations around town and open 24 hours, seven days per week, as follows:

  • NEW Davidson Town Hall: 251 South Street (216 South Main Street drop-off is closed due to construction work)
  • Davidson Parks & Recreation Department: 865 South Street
  • Ada Jenkins Center: 212 Gamble Street
  • Circles @ 30 location: Gethemane Baptist Church (565 Jetton Street) in the back parking lot behind the blue dumpster
  • Davidson Farmers Market
  1. What can I compost?
  2. What is not compostable?
  3. How can I waste less? Do more?
  • Fruits and veggiesYes! Compost this!
  • Inedible plant material (flowers, corn cobs, banana peels, grass clippings)
  • Shredded paper (non-recyclable)
  • Used paper napkins, paper towels, tissues, plates (no wax)
  • Loose natural fibers (jute, hemp, genuine loofah)
  • Eggs and egg shells
  • Nuts and grains
  • Tea bags/leaves
  • Coffee grinds
  • Cardboard
  • Chips
  • Bread
  • Cereal
  • Pasta 
  • Rice

Want to learn more?

If you have questions, call the Davidson Parks & Recreation Department at 704-892-3349 or email them at dpr@townofdavidson.org.

Recycling information
Yard waste information

To learn more about the Town of Davidson’s sustainability effort visit: www.townofdavidson.org/sustainability