Message from the Chief

Kim Davidson in uniform

The Police are the Public; the Public are the Police” – Sir Robert Peel,
recognized as the founder of modern policing.

On behalf of everyone at the Town of Davidson Police Department, I want to thank you for taking a moment to visit our home page. As the Davidson Police Chief, I invite you to contact us with any questions or comments you may have.

The mission of the police department is to be responsive to needs of its community members. Our officers have earned the public’s trust by respecting the community, valuing the sanctity of life, and providing unbiased policing. The priority of the men and women of the Davidson Police Department is providing a safe and secure environment for the residents, students, business owners and visitors.

Each day, the members of the Davidson Police are preventing crime through their presence in the community. The officers work constantly to engage the public in problem solving and exercise discretion in their enforcement efforts. As a result, the officers receive strong public support in the performance of their duties.

From the most recently hired police officer to the most senior officer or civilian employee, each is dedicated to excellence in policing and respecting community principles. As the Chief of Police, I understand winning public approval requires hard work and continuous engagement. To make certain we maintain a positive reputation in the community, we seek out officers who represent and understand the public they serve, ensure impartiality in the enforcement of law, and empower the officers to use their intellectual skills and apply discretion to resolve calls for service.

As the Davidson Police Chief, I will ensure my availability to the community, listen to conversations regarding public safety concerns, and create an environment of cooperation with the residents on law enforcement matters. The Davidson police force strives to be the best of their profession by maintaining high ethical standards, continuing professional development throughout an officer’s career, and providing incentives for formal education. I appreciate that you took the time to visit the department’s web page. The Town of Davidson enjoys an outstanding reputation as a great place to live, work, and visit, and we are proud of the police department’s contribution to making the community safe.

Kim Davidson, Police Chief (Admin)