In May 2023, the Town of Davidson Police Department (DPD) implemented a new Co-Responder Program. The program, contracted through CriSys and housed within the Davidson Police Department, operates as a hybrid model in which the DPD and the designated clinician collaborate on responding to calls. Officers evaluate the nature of a call and whether a law enforcement action is appropriate. The goal is to ensure the proper response and to provide targeted services reducing the need for future calls to 911.

The Town of Davidson is the first of the North Mecklenburg County municipalities to invest in a co-responder program. The action taken by the Town’s elected leaders provides our residents with first-rate service through the provision of focused behavioral crisis services.


The Co-Responder Program provides a mobile, community-based service focused on mental health, substance use, and situational crisis intervention services.

The Co-Responder is a highly trained and certified First Responder who conducts on-scene assessments, using highly trained de-escalation techniques, and offers citizens a connection to resources. The desired outcome is to see a decrease in future crisis calls for service, reduce barriers to treatment, and break the stigma of mental health and substance abuse.

The Clinician will provide Davidson residents with proactive follow-up and resources. The clinician will also be responsible for reassessing the needs of the community. These voluntary services are free to citizens.

Koa Goode, MSW, LCSWA

Koa Goode is a clinical social worker and part of the Town of Davidson's co-responder program. Koa responds to 911 calls with Davidson Police officers and receives referrals from strategic community partners to provide crisis intervention, de-escalation, and brief therapeutic intervention.  Koa Goode

Koa's 20-year human services career has allowed her to gain experience in child protection, family stabilization, crisis intervention, program development and community engagement. Due to a keen interest in trauma recovery, Koa obtained her master's in clinical social work from the University of Kentucky in 2022 with the goal of supporting individuals and communities to increase their resilience. Koa sees herself as a resource to assist individuals with tapping into their strengths with a goal to collaboratively problem solve and find meaningful strategies to cope with symptoms and stressors.  

 To access immediate assistance for a crisis, please contact Mobile Crisis Response Services at 704-566-3410 or 911.