Davidson Public Art Commission

Duties & Responsibilities

The Davidson Public Art Commission (DPAC) was formed in August 2008 when the board of commissioners voted to create a body devoted to advancing public art goals for the town. The duties and responsibilities of the commission are:

  • Identify possible public art projects and sites
  • Select artists for specific sites
  • Solicit grants and outside support for the program
  • Encourage private developers to include public art in their developments
  • Support opportunities for public discussion of public art



Davidson is a community that values the way that art and culture enriches our lives, helps define the unique and special qualities of our town, and teaches us about each other.

The board of commissioners has approved on-going funding for the public art program through hotel occupancy and prepared food taxes.


Our projects receive support from the:

  • Arts and Science Council
  • National Endowment for the Arts, which believes a great nation deserves great art
  • North Carolina Arts Council, an agency of the Department of Cultural Resources
  • Town of Davidson
  • Many generous citizens

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Public Art Projects

1) "Bouquet for Davidson" by Andrew Dunhill

2) The Book Garden by Landscape Designer J.Nell Bryson and Artist Lydia Musco.

3) "Dance of Life" by Douwe Blumberg.

These projects are made possible through grants from the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Arts and Science Council, private and corporate donations and town funds derived from the prepared food and occupancy tax.