Public Works

The Davidson Public Works Department provides a wide range of municipal services to the residents of Davidson. Not all services listed on our website are provided by the Town of Davidson - some are provided by the county and state.

Garbage, Recycling & Yard Waste Collection

Find the Garbage, Recycling and Yard Waste Collection Schedule.

Keeping Davidson Beautiful

Come rain or shine, you will see the public works crews hard at work throughout town. Simply put, we keep Davidson beautiful.

Landscape Maintenance

We are responsible for landscape maintenance of all public areas of town including Roosevelt Wilson Park, Davidson Town Hall, Mimosa Cemetery, McEver baseball fields, the town green, town greenways, and the soccer fields at River Run.

Storm Water

Storm water services are a function of Mecklenburg County. For more information about protecting and restoring the water quality in our storm systems, creeks, and lakes, including volunteer opportunities, check out the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Storm Water Services website.  For support and to report pollution, dial 3-1-1.

Street Light Out?

Please contact Duke Energy or Energy United directly to report a street light outage on your street.  Please note that Energy United only services Dembridge Dr. and portions of Pine Rd.

Streets & Sidewalks

The public works crews also maintain Davidson streets, sidewalks, and street signage. We are responsible for ensuring that our streets remain passable during inclement weather.

Town Projects

Want to stay up-to-date regarding ongoing projects in the Town of Davidson? Learn more about how Davidson is working to improve the environment, mobility, and quality of life for our residents and visitors alike by clicking HERE.

If you are looking for further details related to private development projects in town as opposed to projects initiated, led, and funded by the Town of Davidson, please view the Private Development Projects section of the Planning Department webpage here.

Transportation & Traffic Engineering

Doug Wright, Town of Davidson Projects Director, takes requests to analyze traffic counts and speed reports in neighborhoods, works with the Davidson Police Department to manage traffic flow and parking in neighborhoods, and analyzes and plans for traffic flow throughout town. He can be reached at:

Who is Digging in My Yard?

Details about what utility providers may be doing work in your area, and how to address your concerns about that work, may be found on this resource page here