Recycling Information


Davidson was one of the first communities in the North Mecklenburg area to arrange for curbside recycling.  As the economic market for certain plastics shifts, there are changes to what can and cannot be put into the town's red curbside recycling containers.

What can and can't be recycled?  Here are the county's current guidelines: What can I recycle?

Here are some video resources:

Some grocery stores accept plastic film bags in their storefront recycling bins.  This includes produce bags, dry cleaning bags, food storage zipper bags, bubble wrap, and shipping "pillows."  Please be sure that all these are clean and dry when disposing of them.

Mecklenburg County provides guidance on what other plastic films can be recycled: RECYCLE HERE

Other Recycling & Garbage Options

Click information for Mecklenburg County's current solid waste disposal fees.
Landscaping mulch and compost are available for pick up at the site for a very reasonable cost (click here for pricing).

An option for recycling food waste: Mecklenburg County is aware of one private vendor that collects food waste for a fee: Crown Town Compost. Crown Town collects residential food waste and then transports it to a processing facility.  Mecklenburg County does not endorse any particular vendors; however interested residents can contact Crown Town directly for more information.
Recycling Cart