Benefits for Employees

Full-time employees, or part-time employees working 24 hours a week or more, are eligible for medical, dental, vision, and other benefits.  For a full overview of benefits offered, including plan documents and enrollment information, please visit Cypress Benefit Solutions' Town of Davidson Benefits Page.  Information includes:

  1. Benefits Presentation from Open Enrollment 
  2. Open Enrollment Recording walking you through the benefits.
  3. Link to EASE Portal which houses the carrier summaries
  4. Links to carrier websites
  5. 2022-2023 Wellness Calendar
  6. How to Earn HSA dollars through the Wellness Program
  7. Contact information for new benefit partners, Cypress Benefit Solutions.

For employees with questions or wanting more information, Cypress Benefit Solutions can be reached by phone at 704-897-7167 or by email to the following:

Medical Insurance 

Medical insurance is effective on the first day of the month following the date of hire and is offered to full-time and eligible part-time employees. Our medical plan is offered by MedCost. Please click here to view the plan document. Our Medcost Healthcare Plan is paired with Health Savings Account (HSA) administered by the Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU). The town offers a voluntary wellness incentive program, matching contributions, and an annual contribution adding up to $2,000 for individual plans and $2,200 for family plans to be deposited into your Heath Savings Account (HSA).  

Medical Insurance Bi-Weekly Premiums for Full Time Employees* 
 Employee Only Coverage  $0                   
 Employee + Child(ren) Coverage $118.25
 Employee + Spouse Coverage $149.50
 Employee + Family Coverage $295.50

Medical Insurance Deductible  
 Employee Only Coverage$2,500
 Employee + Children Coverage$5,000 
 Employee + Spouse Coverage$5,000
 Employee + Family$5,000

*Employees in positions that are 40 hours per week (or more) are considered full-time. Part-time employees working in positions with a standard hours of 24 or more are eligible for benefits at a pro-rated cost.

Dental Insurance 

Dental insurance is effective on the first day of the month following the date of hire and is offered to full-time and eligible part-time employees. Two dental plans are offered by Delta Dental:  

 Dental Base Plan (bi-weekly payroll deduction)                            
 Employee Only Coverage$0                        
 Employee + Child(ren) Coverage$28.37
 Employee + Spouse Coverage$13.60
 Employee + Family Coverage $42.45

 Dental Buy Up Plan (bi-weekly payroll deduction)                  
 Employee Only Coverage$4.01                
 Employee + Child(ren) Coverage$35.02
 Employee + Spouse Coverage $21.58
 Employee + Family Coverage $53.13

Vision Insurance 

Vision insurance is effective on the first day of the month following the date of hire and is offered to full-time and eligible part-time employees. Our vision plan is offered by Community Eye Care located in Charlotte, NC. Please click here for the plan document. 

 Vision Insurance Costs (bi-weekly deduction) 
 Employee Only Coverage$0            
 Employee + Child(ren)$4.67
 Employee + Spouse$4.57
 Employee + Family$9.30

Paid Time Off

Sick Leave

Full-time employees receive sick time based on employment classification. Please see the chart below.

 Employment Classification 
 General Employee3.69 hours bi-weekly / 96 hours annually
 Law Enforcement Officer3.87 hours bi-weekly / 100.6 hours annually
 Fire Protection Personnel 4.89 hours bi-weekly / 127.12 hours annually 

Part-time employees working over 1,000 hours annually receive a prorated amount of leave based on the number of hours worked each week. 

Sick time does not expire and can be converted to service years at retirement. Additionally, the town allows unlimited hours to be transferred from the most recent employer participating in the North Carolina Local Government or State Employees Retirement System within 30 days of hire.

Paid Holidays 

The town provides 13 paid holidays to full-time and part-time employees working over 1,000 hours annually. General employees receive 8 hours (88 hours annually), law enforcement officers receive 8.4 hours (92.4 hours annually) and fire protection personnel receive 10.3 (113.30) hours per holiday listed below.

 Town Observed Holidays 
January                                                                                     New Year's Day and Martin Luther King, Jr Day
March/AprilGood Friday
MayMemorial Day
JulyIndependence Day
SeptemberLabor Day
NovemberVeterans Day
NovemberThanksgiving (Thursday and Friday)
DecemberChristmas (three days based on personnel policy)

Vacation Leave

Full-time receive vacation leave based on the number of years of service. Permanent part-time employees receive vacation leave based on the number of hours worked each week.

Years of Service                   


 General Employees

3.08 hours bi-weekly
80 hours annually                                                                                                                                      

Law Enforcement Officers

3.23 hours bi-weekly
84 hours annually                                                                                                     

Fire Protection Personnel

4.31 hours bi-weekly
112 hours annually                                                                                                                                                      

3.69 hours bi-weekly
96 hours annually
3.88 hours bi-weekly
100.80 hours annually                                                                                                  
5.17 hours bi-weekly
134.4 hours annually
 10-144.61 hours bi-weekly
120 hours annually 
4.85 hours bi-weekly
126 hours annually                                                    
6.46 hours bi-weekly
168 hours annually 
 15+6.15 hours bi-weekly
160 hours annually           
6.97 hours bi-weekly
181.33 hours annually   

8.62 hours bi-weekly
224 hours annually      

Paid Parental Leave

The Town of Davidson will provide up to 8 weeks of paid parental leave to eligible employees following the birth of an employee’s child or the placement of a child with an employee in connection with adoption or foster care. This policy will run concurrently with Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) leave, as applicable. This policy will be in effect for births, adoptions or placements of foster children occurring on or after July 1, 2021. To view the full policy, please click here.

Compensatory Leave

All non-exempt employees receive overtime or compensatory time based on the regulations of the Fair Labors Standards Act (FLSA) up to the limits set forth in the personnel policy. Additionally, exempt employees receive 80 hours of Personal Time Off each year subject to the rules in the personnel policy.


Local Government Employees Retirement System (LGERS)
The Town of Davidson participates in LGERS. The Town is required to contribute a defined percentage of wages for employees that work over 1,000 hours annually. In addition, employees are required to contribute 6% of wages to the LGERS system. This system is considered a defined benefit provider. For more information about the Local Government Employees Retirement System click 

Supplemental Retirement  - Prudential 401(k) and 457(b) Deferred Compensation Plans
The Town of Davidson contributes 5% of salary into Prudential Pre-Tax or Roth 401(k). Employees that are enrolled in the Local Government Employees Retirement System (LGERS) are eligible to participate in 401K program. For more information about Prudential Retirement 401(k) please click 

In addition to the Prudential 401(k) plan, the town offers the Prudential 457(b) deferred compensation plan. This plan is open to all part-time employees (including the fire department). Currently, there is no match for this plan. For more information about the Prudential Retirement 457(b) plan please click here.

 Local Government Employees Retirement System (LGERS) Death Benefit 
The Town of Davidson has opted into participating in the Death Benefit offered by LGERS. Employees required to participate in LGERS receive the Death Benefit after 12 months of consecutive service at no cost. The Death Benefit is equal to the employee's salary but not greater than $50,000.

Other Benefits  

Tuition Reimbursement 
All full-time employees that have completed the initial probation period are eligible to participate in the tuition reimbursement program. The town will reimburse the employee up to $3,000 (including books) each fiscal year for tuition and $150 per class for books and fees for job-related classes that further the employee's job skills or promotional opportunities within town service. 

Short Term Disability
All full-time employees receive short-term disability at no cost. This benefit entails: 60% of the basic weekly salary, the benefit begins on the 8th day of a disability due to accident or sickness (outside of work) and the maximum payment period is 26 weeks.

Long Term Disability
Long Term Disability (LTD) is a voluntary benefit paid for by the employee and payroll deducted.  LTD may pay 60% of gross monthly earnings when an employee is out due to a disability for an extended amount of time. 

Accident Coverage 
Accident Insurance is provided by Colonial Life and designed to help you fill the gaps caused by deductibles, co-payments, and out-of-pocket costs related to an accidental injury.  This coverage is paid for by the employee and is payroll deducted.

Critical Illness
Critical Illness is provided by Colonial Life and designed to help costs following a specified critical illness when the person is diagnosed. Payments are made in a lump sum payment ($10,000-$20,000)

Supplemental Life Insurance 
Voluntary life insurance plan is offered through OneAmerica and offers additional life insurance coverage to employees. Employees can choose voluntary life for themselves, spouse, or children.

Longevity Pay
Full-time receive the longevity pay based on the number of years of service. Permanent part-time employees receive longevity pay based on the number of hours worked each week. View full details of longevity benefits here.

 Years of Service 
 1-2 years$200
 3-4 years$300
 5-9 years$500 
 10-19 years$600
 20 years or more$800

Employee Assistant Program (EAP)
The Town of Davidson offers an employee assistance program (EAP) in which full-time and permanent part-time employees are eligible to participate. Our EAP is offered by McLaughlin Young based in Charlotte, NC. EAP is designated to help with life situations including parenting, stress, balancing work and family, relationship issues, grief and loss and others. All employees and families receive six counseling sessions each year at no cost. For more information about EAP please click 

Parks and Recreation Program Discount
All employees are eligible for 10% enrollment discount on any Parks & Recreation programs for the employee or their immediate family.  

Kayak/Paddle Board Rental
All employees have free access kayaks and paddle boards to use on Lake Davidson anytime that an active Parks and Recreation program is not in session. Employees can make reservations for life jackets, paddles and entry code access by calling the Parks and Recreation Department at least a day in advance.

Credit Union
All employees are 
eligible to open accounts with the Local Government Credit Union (LGFCU). For more information about LGFCU, please click here.

Direct Deposit
All employees are required to participate in direct deposit.