Merchant Safety Tips

Building Safety

The Davidson Police Department is dedicated to helping merchants create a safe workplace environment. We encourage you to share these tips periodically with your employees.

Here are some tips to get started.

  1. Computer Safety
  2. Exterior Tips
  3. Interior Tips
  4. Personal Safety

Computer Safety

Technology creates security issues. Being able to communicate with your customers in an instant also means your computer and the information stored there may be vulnerable to crime. Remember the following:

  • Do not share sensitive information with unknown individuals in chat rooms or forums.
  • Verify you have an encrypted connection when providing credit card or financial information online.
  • Use a password that cannot be easily guessed. Mix up letters and numbers in a random fashion and change the password regularly.
  • Keep backup information in a fire safe or off premises.
  • Use virus protection software.
  • Don’t send confidential, financial, or personal information through your email system.

Schedule a Visit

To have the Davidson Police Department visit your place of business to conduct a safety audit, please email or call to set up an appointment.