Selling Your Affordable Home

Below is an outline of the resale process:

  1. Submit your Notice of Intent to Sell form to the Town of Davidson’s Affordable Housing and Equity Director, Eugene Bradley.  This notice must be signed by all owners listed on the deed.  Click here for downloadable Notice of Intent to Sell document.
  2. Provide copies of receipts for the capital improvements.  Please see documents for the capital improvement reimbursement policy and procedure here.  These receipts must be received by the town before your Notice of Intent to Sell will be considered complete.
  3. The maximum resale price for your property is determined using the formula provided in your deed restrictions.  This calculation varies by address.  If you need a copy of your restrictions, please contact Housing and Equity Director, Eugene Bradley at 704-940-9653 or via email.
  4. After receiving the Notice of Intent to Sell and establishing a maximum sales price, the town sends a letter (email is sufficient) stating that there is a 90 day window from the date of Intent to Sell document execution to entertain INCOME ELIGIBLE BUYERS ONLY.  During this period the seller must accommodate showings and actively cooperate in the transaction. 
  5. If an interested income eligible buyer has not been identified within 90 days (in most cases), the home may be offered to non-income qualified individuals at the same maximum resale price.  The deed restrictions are not affected by a sale to a non-income qualified buyer.
  6. The property may be advertised to the general public during the 90 day (income eligible buyer only) period on the open market but all potential buyers must be income qualified and have their eligibility approved by Davidson Housing Coalition prior to submitting an offer on the property.

If you have questions on selling your unit, please contact Eugene Bradley by email or at 704-940-9653.