Crime Victim Rights

Your Rights

  • The police department will provide information regarding immediate medical assistance.
  • If you receive any threats or are harassed by the suspect, their family, or associates, dial 911. If you do not believe you are in danger, call 704-892-5131 and ask for assistance or select the prompt after business hours.
  • Your home address is not relevant in every case. You may request the district attorney to raise an objection to this line of questioning.
  • Stolen and/or other personal property should be returned to you expeditiously when it is no longer needed as evidence; its return will not impede the investigation and/or prosecution of the case.
  • If your employer has concerns, there are intercession services that may be utilized to minimize your loss of pay.
  • Where practical, a secure waiting area will be provided that keeps you separate from the suspect, their family, and associates.
  • You should be provided information regarding the procedures to apply for and receive any appropriate witness fees or victim’s compensation.
  • You have the right to be present throughout the trial, subject to the court’s right to sequester witnesses.
  • You have the right to be present during the final disposition of the case, or you must be informed of the final disposition, if you have so requested.
  • You must be notified, whenever possible, that a court proceeding to which you have been subpoenaed will not occur as scheduled.
  • You have the right to prepare and present a victim impact statement.
  • You must be given information about plea bargaining procedures and be informed if the district attorney may recommend a plea bargain in court.
  • You must be informed that civil remedies are available and that the statutes of limitation apply in civil cases.
  • If the crime involved is a Class G or more serious felony, and you wish to be notified before a proceeding is held at which the release of the offender is considered, you must make the request in writing.
  • Upon your written request, you must be notified if the offender escapes from custody or is released from custody, if the crime for which the offender was placed in custody was a Class G or more serious felony.
  • Family members of a homicide victim are provided all the guarantees of N.C. General Statute 15B-30, save for access to medical assistance (#1).

Domestic Violence & Rape Victim Advocate

The Town of Davidson shares a domestic violence and rape victim advocate with the towns of Cornelius and Huntersville. Officers, detectives, and advocates are all trained to provide details on your rights as a crime victim (listed above).  The criminal justice process is complex but manageable with the help of department staff and advocates of Safe Alliance.