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Welcome to the Planning Department homepage. By clicking on the tabs at the top of this page you can find updates about the work underway, how to contact us, and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. On the left side of this page is a list of relevant and major topics related to the department’s work. This includes the tools needed to:  File a building permit (Submit a Permit); research a parcel or project (Maps & GIS, Planning Ordinance, Development Projects); or, understand our town’s approach to planning and development (Planning Principles).

Davidson’s traditional character is that of a small town, so land planning will reflect its historic patterns of village-centered growth, with connection of neighborhoods, preservation of rural areas, and provision of public spaces. Our quality of life is enhanced through the Town’s Planning Principles, the Davidson Planning Ordinance, and by assessing town needs through plans, reports, and studies.

Planning Department Updates

February 2023

Below you’ll find a list and short description of things that we’re working on, along with how to find additional information about each topic. We hope you find this information useful. If you want to follow up with us about any questions you may have, please do so – our contact information is available on our department’s homepage. Check back from time to time for updates.

- Town of Davidson Planning Department

1. Historic Preservation Plan - Adopted January 2023   

The Davidson Historic Preservation Plan was adopted by the Board of Commissioners at their January 24, 2023, regular meeting. The plan fulfills action 2.4.1 of the 2020 Comprehensive Plan, advancing toward Goal 2.4, “A Preserved Historic Fabric: Davidson will celebrate its unique architectural and cultural history through preservation initiatives.”

This Historic Preservation Plan for the Town of Davidson presents a multi-year action plan for incorporating historic preservation objectives into the Town’s strategic planning. It is designed to aid the Historic Preservation Commission, Board of Commissioners, other advisory boards and commissions, Town staff, and the public to make well informed decisions about historic preservation. The Town and the community as a whole have been practicing historic preservation for decades with considerable success. With this Historic Preservation Plan, a new generation of ideas and leadership to be built on that foundation is now possible.

 The full plan is available for review at:

 2. Development Project Updates

Development Review process Text Amendments: Staff proposes necessary changes to the Davidson Planning Ordinance (DPO) to achieve growth management goals laid out in the 2020 Davidson Comprehensive Plan. Additionally, text changes are proposed to better define exempt and expedited subdivisions, include a minor subdivision option, and clearly define requirements for site plan submittals. Initial efforts to develop these amendments date to the fall of 2020 when the Davidson Board of Commissioners asked the Planning Board Ordinance Committee (PBOC) to continue work on exploring growth management strategies begun by commissioners earlier that year. For more information on the amendments, please see the project webpage.

Summit Farms Conditional Master Plan: In January 2023 the developer’s project team submitted an application for a mixed-use development located at 19300 Shearer Road. The proposal lies within the Neighborhood Edge Planning Area and Neighborhood Services Overlay District. It includes a mix of commercial, residential, and agricultural areas envisioning 93 units and commercial services in a variety of building types; multiple open spaces, including a working farm; and multi-use path facilities running along Shearer Road, through the development, and along the Rocky River. It requires a minimum of 45% open space, along with a Transportation Impact Analysis. For more information about the proposal, please see the project webpage.