For any permit-related questions, please email the Planning Dept. at  

Application Process

Step 1:

Print a permit from the list below. Include a detailed plot, site plan, and/or sketch plan if applicable. 

 Permit Types

Step 2: 

Scan a copy of your completed permit and submit it to the Planning Department Submittal Form website. In addition to your completed form, attach site plans and any other required documents as attachments.

Step 3:

Pay the required fee and click submit.  For associated fees, please review the Town of Davidson fee schedule available on the Finance & Budget webpage

Step 4:  Once the permit review is complete, the approved permit will be sent to the email address in the submittal form. For building and sign permits: You must submit your approved to Mecklenburg County for their review.
 Other Submittal Options:
 Permits are also accepted by mail and at the Davidson Town Hall & Community Center (251 South Street). Permit fees must be paid at 
 the time the permit is submitted. Permits are not accepted by fax or email.

*A detached house in the Village Infill Planning Area may be demolished only if it is replaced with a residential dwelling unit. An approved Building Permit must be included with a demolition permit in the Village Infill Planning Area. (Planning Ordinance: Section 2.2.4.E)

Tree Preservation & Landscaping Standards: No tree larger than twelve inches in diameter at breast height may be removed without a permit from the town. If a tree that meets this size criteria will be removed as part of your project, you must show it as part of your building permit application. If you are removing a tree that meets this size criteria, but not as part of other work on the property, please submit a tree permit application. (Planning Ordinance: Section 9.3.3)   

Need to update or amend your permit information?

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