Business Registration

Davidson Business Registration


The Town of Davidson collects a one-time $40 business license fee from all businesses located within the Davidson town limits. It is not an annual fee. The license is for informational purposes (to maintain accurate databases) and as contact information for the police and fire departments.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will I receive a paper copy of a business license?

No, we maintain our databases electronically. If you need a copy of your business license for a specific purpose, please contact Kim Fleming by email.

2. Do I need to apply for a business license if I operate an office out of my home?

Yes, the Town of Davidson requires that all home offices fill out a business license.

3. Do I need to fill out a business license if I don’t have a physical building in the Town of Davidson but am doing work there?

No, the Town of Davidson only requires business licenses for those businesses that are physically located in the Town of Davidson. If you are a contractor doing work in the area, you do not need a business license.

4. Does a Davidson business license mean I can open my business?

The Town of Davidson’s Business License is for informational purposes. All other zoning and building permits must be completed with the Town of Davidson and Mecklenburg County before you can open your business.

5. How do I fill out a Davidson Business License?

You can either fill out an online form or you can print out a print form and mail it in.