New Business Checklist

Business Registration

The Town of Davidson requires all businesses within the town limits to complete a business registration. This registration is for informational purposes and requires a one-time fee of $40. Fill out an online form to apply.

Temporary Signs

Temporary signs are allowed for 60 days for new business openings. A temporary sign permit must be completed and approved by the Planning Department before you hang your temporary sign or banner.

Permanent Signs

All signs require a Sign Permit that must be completed and approved by the Planning Department.

Design Review Board

All businesses located in the historic district of Davidson must receive Design Review Board approval for any exterior modifications to their buildings, including signs. The Design Review Board meets on the third Wednesday of each month. All Design Review Board applications must be submitted two weeks prior to the meeting.

Interior Building Up-Fit

Any interior building up fit requires a permit from the Davidson Planning Department. Fees and instructions can be found within the permit application.

Home Occupation Agreement

The Town of Davidson requires a Home Occupation Agreement if you operate a home-based business out of your residence.