What number do I call in an emergency? A non-emergency?

Emergencies: Call 911, and Charlotte Mecklenburg Police Department Communications will take care of emergency dispatching of Davidson Police, Fire, or EMS.

Non-emergencies: Even if the situation doesn't seem like an emergency, please do call 911. 

911 should be used any time you need a police response, emergency or not. This might include: filing a police report for an alleged crime (in progress or not), reporting a traffic accident, illegal parking, noise complaints, road blockages and/or hazard, dangerous drivers, leash law violations, prostitution, attempted scams, financial identity fraud, credit card fraud, suspected elder abuse, misuse of sidewalks (skateboards, hover boards, electric scooters, and other similar conveyances), door-to-door soliciting, panhandling, etc.  

911 operators are trained to prioritize calls and assign report numbers. When 911 is bypassed, Davidson officers, etc. still have to route the call through 911.

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1. What number do I call in an emergency? A non-emergency?
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