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1. What number do I call in an emergency?
2. What is an emergency?
3. What number do I call if it is not an emergency?
4. What are the hours of the non-emergency phone number?
5. Who do I call about an incident I've already reported?
6. How do I get a copy of my traffic accident report or a police report?
7. What are police department office hours?
8. How do I sign up for a security check for my home?
9. How can I get my child safety seat inspected?
10. How do I pay a traffic citation?
11. How do I pay my NC ticket?
12. What do I do if my car is towed?
13. What if someone I know has been arrested? How can I get him/her out of jail?
14. If I have property at the police department, how can I get it back?
15. Where do I find the Town of Davidson ordinances?
16. What is the Town of Davidson's noise ordinance?
17. What is the Town of Davidson's leash law?