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Application for Outdoor Special Event Permit

  1. Public Events or Private Events Requiring Public Services

    NOTE: All additional or special requirements in the application that relate to particular kinds of events are marked by >> and are in italics. The Event Planner is responsible for those items.


    Please read this application IN FULL before beginning to fill it out; there are files that you must upload as part of the application that may require you to gather substantial information about your event. Once started, this application CANNOT be saved, so please do not begin filling it out until you are certain you can provide ALL REQUIRED INFORMATION.

  3. Type of event*
  4. Sponsoring organization/person(s): *
  5. Resident Status: *
  6. Is this event open to the public?*
  7. Will admission be charged? *
  8. >>EVENT PLANNER: It is the event planner's responsibility to inform the public about the

    Please answer all questions below and provide details for all that apply.

    NOTE: Applicant is responsible for items marked >> in relevant sections below. Three months advance notice required to arrange for any town service for events.

  10. Is your event a parade?*
  11. Is your event a race? *
  12. *If the event is a race, indicate the race route on the diagram you must upload above.
  13. Will your event require the use of a tent and/or vendor canopies? (tents not provided)*
  14. *Indicate location and sizes of all tents on diagram you must upload above.
  15. >>EVENT PLANNER: Arrange for tent rental, setup and dismantling. Contact Mecklenburg
    County Fire Marshal, 700 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, 704-336-3761, for permit & requirements.
  16. Will you be bringing seating and/or tables on site for your event?*
  17. *Indicate seating arrangements on diagram you must upload above.
  18. >>EVENT PLANNER: Arrange for chair/table rental, delivery, setup and pick-up.
  19. Will your event need food preparation to take place at other facilities or in the open air? *
  20. >>EVENT PLANNER: Contact Mecklenburg County Health Department, 700 N. Tryon Street, Charlotte, 704-336-5524 for permit & requirements. Arrange for proper collection and disposal of non-garbage wastes (cooking grease, drippings, hazardous materials and liquids, etc.).
  21. Will your event feature amusement rides?*
  22. *Indicate location of amusement rides on diagram you must upload above.
  23. >>EVENT PLANNER: Contact Fire Marshal, Town's Fire, Rescue-EMS, for permit, requirement and involvement.
  24. Will your event feature portable toilets (please not that these are required if Town of Davidson indoor facilities are unavailable or inadequate for expected attendance)?*
  25. Will your event require other equipment to be brought on site? *
  26. >>EVENT PLANNER: Arrange for rental, delivery, set-up, maintenance and pick-up of other equipment.
  27. Will your event need temporary electrical service where electrical service is unavailable?*
  28. >>EVENT PLANNER: Request temporary electrical service from the Public Works Department. Confirm electrical requirements and connections from vendors.
  29. Will your event need electricity at an established location?*
  30. *Indicate locations where access to electricity is needed on diagram you must upload above.
  31. >>EVENT PLANNER: Confirm electrical requirements and connections with sound, stage and food vendors three (3) months before event.
  32. Will electric generators be in use at your event?*
  33. >>EVENT PLANNER: Generator must be sized to handle load.
  34. Will your event use an amplified sound system? *
  35. Will your event need extra trash receptacles?*
  36. Will your event need streets or parking lots closed?*
  37. *Indicate closing(s) on diagram you must upload above.
  38. Will your event require rental items? *
  39. If so, please indicate below which items you will require (NOTE: fees will be assessed):
  40. Special Event Permit is pending review of this application by appropriate Town of Davidson departments. Departments may make additional requirements or have additional questions based on the description of event provided above. When approved by all appropriate Town of Davidson departments, the Parks & Recreation Director will issue the Special Events Permit for the day, times, and location indicated.
  42. As Planner of the Outdoor Special Event described above, I understand that I and/or the sponsoring organization are responsible for: *

    - Submitting the completed application with a $20.00 non-refundable fee.
    - Additional costs are charged in order to recuperate any direct cost associated with the event.
    - Securing additional permits and certificates as indicated in the additional or special requirements sections in this application, which are marked with >> and are in italics.
    - Coordinating with agencies other than the Town of Davidson as indicated in section "Additional Requirements for Application" in this application.
    - Notifying the town of Davidson Parks & Recreation Director about any changes, additions, deletions, and/or modifications to the event as described above no later than three (3) weeks before a large or roving event and one week before a small event.
    - Providing handicapped access to activities that are open to the public.
    - Having an event planner on site at the beginning of set-up through the duration of the event.
    - Informing vendors about regulations and requirements in the Town of Davidson Special Events Policy, rules and regulations by other agencies with jurisdiction over activities at the event; and requirements and restrictions for this event prior to arriving at the event venue.
    - Settling disputes about locations or other event-related matters between vendors.
    - Ensuring access of emergency and service vehicles to event venues and activities.
    - Coordinating permission with private property owners if a privately-owned location will be used for event activities.
    - Notifying affected parties in advance about street and/or parking lot closings due to this event.
    - Informing the public about the event, if it is a public event.

    I also understand that requests for Town services less than three weeks prior to large or roving events or one week prior to small events may be impossible to meet and, if met, can result in forfeiture of event deposit due to unanticipated operational expenses by the Town of Davidson.

    I also understand that allowing non-permitted and/or unscheduled activities to occur during the above described special event will result in forfeiture of event deposit and may jeopardize receipt of Special Event Permits from the Town of Davidson to the Event Planner and/or sponsoring organization for future special events.

    By clicking the "I agree" checkbox below, I accept responsibility for the above statements and agree to abide by them.

  43. There is no need to create an account to submit your payment. Please do NOT hit your back button or refresh your screen until the transaction is complete.
  44. Cost:
    Special Event Applications all have a $20 non refundable fee
  45. Please Note:
    Charges made to the town of Davidson may show up as “EBS-ECS ePay” or “EBS Davidson” on your credit card statement.
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