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Planning Department Submittal Form

  1. READ FIRST: This form is to be completed ONLY for parcels located within the Town of Davidson, NC planning jurisdiction. You can verify your zoning jurisdiction through the Mecklenburg County POLARIS 3G website,, or by calling the Town of Davidson Planning Department at 704-892-7592.

  2. This form is intended for the submission of permits, plan reviews, plats, design review and other Planning Department-related items. Should you have any questions, send comments to or by phone 704-892-7592.
  3. Please upload Application Form and all other pertinent plan documents below.
  4. There is NO NEED to create an account to submit your payment.

  5. Please do NOT hit your back button or refresh your screen until the transaction is complete.

  6. NOTE: Charges made to the town of Davidson may show up as “EBS-ECS ePay” or “EBS Davidson” on your credit card statement.
  7. I have verified this property is in the Town of Davidson's planning jurisdiction.
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