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Peddler's Permit Application

  1. Peddler's Permit Information

    Sec. 18-202. - Sale of goods on streets; peddlers
    It shall be unlawful for any person to sell or offer for sale or peddle goods, wares, food or merchandise upon the public streets or public parking lots of the town or to engage in business as a peddler anywhere in town without first applying for and obtaining a peddler’s permit. 

    The current fee for a Peddler’s Permit is $25 per day. This fee is subject to change. Please visit for the most up to date fee schedule for the Town of Davidson.

    Sec. 18-222. - Bond required
    (a) Before any permit shall be issued under the provisions of this article, the applicant therefor shall furnish a bond in the penal sum of $1,000.00 to the town signed by the applicant and signed as surety by some surety company authorized to do business in the state, conditioned upon the final delivery of goods, wares, merchandise, services, photographs, magazines, and newspapers in accordance with the terms of any order obtained prior to delivery and also conditioned to indemnify any and all purchasers or customers for any and all defects in material or workmanship that may exist in the article sold by the principal on such bond, at the time of delivery, and that may be discovered by such purchaser or customer within 30 days after delivery. Such bond shall be for the use and benefit of all persons that may make any purchase or give any order to the principal on such bond, or to any agent or employee of the principal.  

    (b) Only one bond shall be required of each applicant, even though such applicant shall have one or more agents or employees; provided such bond shall be made to cover the activities of all of such agents or employees.

    (c) Applicants soliciting for charitable, civic, religious, or patriotic purposes without compensation or remuneration shall be exempt from the bond requirement and application fee.

    Sec. 18-223. - Issuance
    No permit shall be issued under the provisions of this division until the applicant shall have complied with all the provisions and requirements of this article.

    Sec. 18-224. - Duration
    Every permit issued under the provisions of this division shall be valid for a period of 24 hours.

    Sec. 18-225. - Contents
    Each permit issued under the provisions of this division shall be dated as of the date of its issuance and shall state the duration or term of such license on the face thereof. Any license not dated as required in this section, or which was issued in violation of this section, shall be void.

    Sec. 18-226. - Display
    Every peddler licensed under the provisions of this division and doing business within the town shall display his permit upon the request of any person. Failure to display such license is subject to enforcement under section 1-11, general penalty.

    Sec. 18-227. - Revocation
    Any permit issued under the provisions of this division may be revoked for the violation by the permittee of any applicable provision of this Code, state law or town ordinance, rule, or regulation.

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